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Foot and Ankle Treatments

Ankle Arthroscopy   Understanding Ankle Sprains

Ankle Arthroscopy

Explains arthroscopic surgery on the ankle. Covers anesthesia, pre- and post-op instructions, the procedure, and risks and complications. Recovery tips also included.


Understanding Ankle Sprains

Describes after-injury care for mild, moderate and severe sprains. Covers rest, ice, compression and elevation. Also includes information on medication, contrast baths and exercises to strengthen ankle ligaments.

Understanding Bunions   Understanding Heel Pain

Understanding Bunions

Explains how a bunion forms and describes surgical treatment. Also includes tips for limiting symptoms, including shoe selection, using pads and applying ice.


Understanding Heel Pain

Covers minimally invasive treatments, including endoscopic fasciotomy and shock wave therapy. Offers tips on exercise, choosing shoes, and preventing future injury.

Understanding Metatarsalgia   Understanding Neuromas

Understanding Metatarsalgia

Provides self-care and injury prevention tips for symptoms of metatarsalgia. Includes tips on choosing shoes, using metatarsal pads and filing corns.


Understanding Neuromas

Explains how medications and cortisone injections reduce symptoms. Offers self-care tips on contrast baths, metatarsal pads, and proper shoe selection.

Understanding Mallet, Hammer and Claw Toes    

Understanding Mallet, Hammer and Claw Toes

Covers self-care to reduce symptoms of bent toe joints (mallet, hammer, claw toe), including choosing shoes and filing corns, pad and splint guidelines, and exercises for toe strength and flexibility.


Foot and Ankle Treatments - Video

Ankle Arthritis and Replacement

Overview of rheumatoid arthritis helps you understand symptoms, causes and treatment options, including medication, orthotics and surgical procedures.

Ankle Sprain

Shows how ankle sprains occur and what to do at the time of injury. Explains warning signs to watch for after treatment and tips for self-care.


Explains pain in the ball of the foot, treatment options and associated complications. Offers effective tips on management and self-care. Describes do's and don'ts and when to call the doctor.

Bone Fractures and Sprains

Helps you understand fracture and sprain injuries and how to care for them. Covers splints, casts, slings, bandages, support devices, and over-the-counter and prescription medications.


Explains this common condition, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. Clarifies self-care recommendations and when to call the doctor.

Crutch Training

Guide to crutch safety and comfort includes guidelines and advice for standing up, walking, sitting down and managing stairs. Shows how to minimize injury in a fall.


Illustrated overview of this degenerative joint disease covers treatment options, recommended do's and don'ts and when to call the doctor. Includes tips on lifestyle management and self-care.