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Patient education solutions for the Hospital and Federal Government VA Medical Center Markets

Reduce readmissions with effective solutions for health and wellness initiatives from Krames Patient Education

Krames Patient Education is the choice of over half of U.S. hospitals, including Veterans hospitals. In this market we help improve the lives of more than 40 million patients annually, driving better outcomes, elevating the patient experience, and enhancing care quality across all settings.

Our patient education is renowned for its effectiveness in increasing patient comprehension and motivating healthy lifestyle changes. Leading hospitals and health systems choose Krames Patient Education from StayWell because we have proven experience in driving better outcomes, reducing readmissions, and improving satisfaction.

All our patient education is built with a careful balance of art supporting text, presenting easy-to-read information that engages and motivates, promoting better understanding and positive behavior change.

We offer a discount to the Federal Government Market that starts at 38.25% and increases with the size of your order. Plus, shipping is FREE for federal agencies.

GSA contract number is GS-02F-0106Y (expires 03/22/2017, SIN #760-1, SIN #760-2, and SIN #760-6).

Count on Krames Patient Education to:

  • Save staff time and increase staff efficiency
  • Support shared decision making and informed consent
  • Reduce pre-op complications
  • Support continuity of care
  • Teach self-care skills
  • Motivate compliance with medication and lifestyle instructions
  • Reduce readmission
  • Show families what to expect and how to help
  • Enhance reputation and build referrals

Create a Surgery Guide for your facility

Improve your bottom line with a custom Surgery Guide that:

  • Reduces surgery cancellations
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Increases patient referrals
  • Supports informed consent
  • Increases patient satisfaction

Learn how to customize our Surgery Guides to meet your facility’s needs.

Communication is the key to helping patients understand their options, weigh their risks and benefits, and prepare for their chosen treatment plan.

Krames Patient Education can help you communicate the information your patients need in a way that they’ll best understand. Check out the specialties below and start shopping now for easy-to-read patient education that engages and motivates, increases health literacy and promotes better outcomes.


Orthopedic Surgery

General Surgery


Health Promotion


Hospital Care

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Prices and availability subject to change. This savings offer expires May 18, 2018, and applies to eligible Krames Patient Education print products only. KramesArt, electronic and custom products are not eligible for discount. This offer can be combined with other discount offers for this time period only. Minimum order of $25 (after volume discounts and before imprinting/shipping charges) required.


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