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Health Observances Calendar

National Health Observances offer the opportunity to reach out and engage patients throughout the year. Whether you prefer to hand out materials at community events or provide digital education on your website, Krames StayWell can help you achieve your specific goals. Increase awareness of health topics, encourage healthy behaviors and improve outcomes with solutions that inform, engage and empower.

To assist with your planning, we’ve created this at-a-glance, month-by-month calendar. Click on an observance below to find patient education materials that support your objectives, and visit for additional resources, including digital content packages.

January Health Observances

February Health Observances

March Health Observances

April Health Observances

May Health Observances

June Health Observances

July Health Observances

August Health Observances

September Health Observances

October Health Observances

November Health Observances

December Health Observances

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